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Download Axialis IconGenerator v1.6 for Windows (29 Jun 2020) + CRACK

Axialis IconGenerator is a free icon production tool for professional developers, UI designers and illustrators. It lets you create vector & bitmap icons in seconds from a database of ready-to-use icon sets.Quick FactsFree Application with in-app purchasesWindows version compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10Mac OSX version compatible with OS X ...

14 216 2020/07/06

Download Content Grabber Premium v2.72.0 + Keygen

Content Grabber is used for web scraping and web automation. It can extract content from almost any website and save it as structured data in a format of your choice, including Excel reports, XML, CSV and most databases. Important Features: Scalable and Reliable Content Grabber is targeted at companies with a critical reliance on web scraping, ...

5 48 2020/07/06
Download GleamTech ImageUltimate v4.2.2.0 (23 Jun 2020) + CRACK

ImageUltimate Image Resizer for ASP.NET Core, MVC and WebFormsLet your web site prepare images automagically for you. Save images once and embrace the responsive web.Chain image manipulation commands to get variations in the brink of an eye.Keep your source images in their original formats (eg. Psd, Raw) and serve the resulting images in any web ...

6 140 2020/06/29
Download GleamTech VideoUltimate v2.3.0.0 (23 Jun 2020) + CRACK

VideoUltimate Video Reader and Thumbnailer for .NET Core and . NET FrameworkRead any video file format on the planet.Read a video file frame by frame.Generate meaningful thumbnails. VideoUltimate is the fastest and easiest .NET Video Reader and Thumbnailer which can read any video file format on the planet. It allows you read a video file frame ...

6 140 2020/06/29
Download GleamTech FileVista v8.0.8.0 (23 Jun 2020) Retail + License Key

FileVista File Manager for Self-Hosted File Sharing Turn your web site into a web file server in few minutes.Share files with your clients or staff on your web site.Store your confidential files on your own server and have full control over them.Enable your users to securely access, upload and organize documents from anywhere with only a web ...

9 253 2020/06/29
Download GleamTech FileUltimate v7.5.0.0 (23 Jun 2020) + CRACK

FileUltimate File Manager and Uploader for ASP.NET Core, MVC and WebFormsIntegrate a file manager into your ASP.NET application or site rapidly.Browse and manage files with access control.Accept files with the advanced upload functionality (uploader is also available as a standalone component).Offer a structured and neat download area.Preview ...

7 150 2020/06/28
Download GleamTech DocumentUltimate v5.3.2.0 (23 Jun 2020) + CRACK

DocumentUltimate Document Viewer and Converter for ASP.NET Core, MVC and WebFormsView almost any document type (70+ file formats, including PDF & Microsoft Office).HTML5 Zero-footprint viewer.Convert between document types.Features Universal web document viewer which works on both desktop and mobile browsers. Crystal-clear zooming. High ...

5 161 2020/06/28
Download JQWidgets v9.1.6 (18 May 2020) Patched

Advanced JavaScript & HTML5 UI Framework jQWidgets provides a comprehensive solution for building professional web sites and mobile apps. It is built entirely on open standards and technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. jQWidgets enables responsive web development and helps you create apps and websites that look beautiful on desktops, ...

18 268 2020/06/21

Download AnyChart v8.8.0 (22 May 2020) JavaScript Charts + CRACK

AnyChart - JS charts JavaScript Charts designed to be embedded and integrated AnyChart's product family is a set of flexible JavaScript (HTML5) libraries for all your data visualization needs. Differentiate your products, applications and web pages with beautiful charts and dashboards. It's been developed since 2003 with one main idea - it ...

Java Script , Applications
8 98 2020/06/20

Download Rad Zen v2.49.1 (28 May 2020) (.Net Core, Angular, Blazor business web applications builder) + Keygen

Open technology stack No vendor lock-in. The generated source code is human readable and you can build it with free tools. Radzen is powered by popular open source technologies - ASP.NET Core, Blazor, Angular, Bootstrap, TypeScript. Run your Radzen apps directly from Visual Studio Professional or Visual Studio code.Data scaffolding Connect to ...

Java Script , ASP.Net , Applications
93 639 2020/05/30

Download Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional v17.1.2.0 Multilingual

With WebSite X5, you can create all the sites you want: for yourself, your customers, or your friends: there are no limits or fees. Your site's plans remain yours: they are stored on your PC, and the software's features let you easily manage them, organize them into folders, and create backups. What kind of site do you need? Do you want to create a ...

3 44 2020/05/29
Download CoffeeCup Responsive Site Designer v4.0 Build 3285 Pre-Patched

Design and develop digital experiences. No code. Build faster. Design better.Use the power of CSS Frameworkscombined with the flexibility of CSS Grid CSS Grid + Foundation 6 , Bootstrap 3 , Bootstrap 4 , Materialize , Vanilla CSS CSS Frameworks help millions of designers and developers craft sites quickly. The top tools in the industry ...

7 87 2020/05/20
Download Adobe Photoshop 2020 v21.1.3.190 Multilingual x64 Pre-Activated

Creativity is everywhere. Now Photoshop is too.Powering the creative world. The world’s best imaging and graphic design software is at the core of just about every creative project, from photo editing and compositing to digital painting, animation, and graphic design. And now you can harness the power of Photoshop across desktop and iPad to create ...

10 158 2020/05/20
Download Humane Technologies Pinegrow Web Editor Pro v5.96.0 (14 May 2020) + Patcher

Pinegrow Web Editor, website builder for professionals Pinegrow is a Mac, Windows and Linux web editor that lets you build responsive websites faster with live multi-page editing, CSS & SASS styling, CSS Grid editor and smart components for Bootstrap, Foundation and WordPress. Pinegrow is a desktop website builder that opens and saves standard ...

11 192 2020/05/20
Download LiveZilla v8.0.1.9 Pro (Unlimited Operators) + Crack

The flexible Customer Support Software. Discover why he chose LiveZilla for his customer support. Installs on your Server and Domain Flawless Integration, full control, no compromises Respects customer's (Data) Privacy All data remains on your server Perpetual Licensing No Subscription, no running expensesBuilt with your favourite Open ...

3 47 2020/05/14
Download SiteMonitor Enterprise v4.0 + Keygen

SiteMonitor Enterprise Use SiteMontior Enterprise to check your websites/hosts 24/7 and reduce downtime. Be the first to know when something wrong happens. SiteMonitor Enterprise is easy to install and configure. You can install it on any windows machine as long as it has internet connectivity. You can view the status of the monitored ...

3 38 2020/05/12
Download Screaming Frog SEO Spider v12.6 for Win & Linux & MacOS + Keygen

Screaming Frog SEO Spider The industry leading website crawler for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu, trusted by thousands of SEOs and agencies worldwide for technical SEO audits.SEO Spider Tool The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler, that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs to analyse & audit technical & onsite SEO. Download & crawl 500 URLs ...

3 58 2020/05/11
Download Markdown Monster v1.22.3 (08 May 2020) Retail

Markdown Editing and Weblog Publishing for Windows Syntax colored Markdown Live HTML preview Inline spell checking Embed images, links and emoji Paste images from Clipboard Capture & embed screen shots Save to Html and PDF Weblog publishing and editing HTML to Markdown conversion Editor and preview themes Git Integration Document ...

5 84 2020/05/10
Download ag-Grid Enterprise v23.1.0 (30 Apr 2020) + License Key

The Best JavaScript Grid in the WorldFeature Packed The performance, feature set and quality of ag-Grid has not been seen before in a JavaScript datagrid. Many features in ag-Grid are unique to ag-Grid, and simply put ag-Grid into a class of its own, without compromising on quality or performance.Industry Leading Over 600,000 monthly downloads of ...

15 368 2020/05/05
Download Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop v4.0.38 (28 Apr 2020) + CRACK

Using Mockups feels like drawing, but because it’s digital, you can tweak and rearrange easily. Teams can come up with a design and iterate over it in real-time in the course of a meeting. Product managers, designers, developers, and even clients can now work together in the same tool to quickly iterate over wireframes, before writing ...

3 42 2020/05/04
Download Afterlogic Webmail Pro PHP v8.3.2 (14 Jun 2019)

Afterlogic WebMail Pro PHPFull-featured Yet minimalistic, WebMail Pro delivers all the features users would expect. Built on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology.Commercial-grade maintenance Dedicated developers team adds new features and improvements on a regular basis.Secure Can run on a secure HTTPS server and communicate with a mail server ...

PHP , Applications
4 45 2020/05/03

Download Blumentals WeBuilder 2020 v16.1.0.226 Multilingual + Keygen

Smart code editor for web developersCreate and edit web page code faster and easier WeBuilder is a fast, intelligent and powerful all-in-one code editor for web developers. Clean interface, quick startup, superb flexibility and powerful features make creating and managing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, ASP, SSI and Perl code an easier ...

9 333 2020/05/03
Download Blumentals Rapid PHP 2020 v16.1.0.226 Multilingual + Keygen

Lightweight PHP editor and PHP IDEDesigned to make you more productive Rapid PHP editor is a faster and more powerful PHP code editor for Windows combining features of a fully-packed PHP IDE with the speed of the Notepad. Rapid PHP is the most complete all-in-one software for coding PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web development languages ...

2 54 2020/05/01
Download Axure Software Solutions Axure RP v9.0.0.3696 (Pro & Team & Enterprise Edition) + Keygen

Powerful Prototyping and Developer Handoff Axure RP 9 is the most powerful way to plan, prototype, and hand off to developers, all without code. Download a free trial and see why professionals choose Axure RP.Breakthrough solutions start with well-defined problems Whether you’re creating diagrams, customer journeys, or wireframes, Axure RP helps ...

10 246 2020/05/01

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